Thursday 6 February 2014

Today will be my second post. I am really enjoying this. Need to get me some followers though. Today's post will be an inspirational quote and part two of the Opal Carew series. I am going to post one part a day and then go on to different books that I am reading in anticipation. I also signed up for my first blog tour today. Kind of nervous about that but excited too.
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Opal Carew

His To Possess #2, The Morning After

This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second in a six part series. In the first part we met Jessica who after thinking she sees her ex-friend at a coffee shop meets up with Dane. He pulls some strings to offer her a job. She does not realize he is behind the job offer until she moves to another city to start her job. Imagine the shock of walking in to meet your new boss who is the one who you share a hot and kinky one night stand one. The one who you snuck out on in the middle of the night, seriously what are the chances?

Jessica realizes that she needs to keep this new relationship stricly professional. He is the boss and she desperately needs her new job. It just doesn't help that he is so hot to look at and makes her heart flutter and her body overheat.

Things are getting kind of hot and heavy with all the knowing glances being exchanged. Is it possible to stay away from him? Can she hide her feelings? Does she want to?

I just ate up this story. I devoured it. I absolutely loved it. I was reading along getting right into things, understanding where the story was going and then WHAM! Cliff hanger ending again. Can't wait for number three.

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  1. Monica,

    Stopped by to check out the new site. Looks like you're doing great. I've followed you on Googke + and marked the site on my list of favorites. Best of luck. I'll miss your reviews.