Tuesday 11 February 2014

February 11, 2014
I read this story last week and found the story line to be refreshing and fast pace. A true joy to read. Kept me interested and entertained for the entire novel. I truly think that is the end result that an author should be heading towards. Entertainment. Good job for a debut novel by Tracey Livesay.

The Tycoon's Socialite Wife

Tracey Livesay

I was gifted this story in exchange for an honest review.

Marcus Peterson is enjoying a game of golf with his buddy Carter Richardson when he is approached by a woman wanting to talk to him about saving a building and he is annoyed to have his day interrupted.He thinks she is just another girl looking for a donation, trying to cash in on his wealth. How wrong was he. He has worked hard for many years to achieve the financial security that he now possesses.

Pamela Harrington is that woman. She is the daughter of the Senator and is crusading to save the G Street Women's Shelter, a building that houses battered women with nowhere else to go. This is the newest acquisition of real estate for Marcus and he plans to tear it down and build some high price condos.

It does not take Marcus long to figure out that Pamela is the IN that he is looking for. Seems that even though he is one of the richest and most powerful men in the State, Mr Holcombe will not look at his offer to buy his hotel because he is not "old money." Marcus desperately wants to possess this hotel to right a wrong done to his mother. Pamela is the answer because she comes from "old money." Marcus believes that an arranged marriage between the two of them will alllow him access to the hotel he craves and in turn he will let the battered women stay at the shelter.

Of course this marriage of convienence does not go off without a hitch as reality sinks in.These are two strangers that are planning a future together. They have completely different personalities. There are problems after problems that occur because of the secrets they are playing. Her father plays a pivotal role in the story as he opposes this marriage from the beginning.

Marcus and Pamela started out on the wrong foot with each other but throughout the story they start to learn more about the other. It is good to see them begin to tolerate each other and then watch as it actually grows to mutual affection. Of course there are more bumps for this couple and some scenes that totally caught me off guard. Some really good bumps. I even shed a few tears. It was really well written. It was a great story as their personalities were explored and developed. Marcus really has some endearing qualities and when push comes to shove he is a good guy. Pamela has some violence in her personal background and it was great to see how someone with her background could turn her life around and embrace the idea of giving back and helping others. Truly made her a great person.

I found the story line very believable and the struggles that they faced and how they dealt with them were very well written about. I would rate this story a 5/5.


  1. Thank you for the review, Monica! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my book. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-)