Saturday 8 February 2014

Here is the next installment in the awesome series by Opal Carew. It is now Saturday night and the men are getting ready to watch the hockey game. Toronto Maple Leafs versus Vancouver Canucks. Should be an intersting game. And during the intermissions the Olympics are on. I don't know about you but I love watching the Olympics. I get goose bumps whenever Canada gets a medal. During the Winter games Ice Skating, all types and Curling are my favs.
Enjoy your Saturday in whatever it is that you are doing.

His to Pocess #4

True Lies

This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

We left the end of book #3, with Jessica realizing that Dane's brother Rafe and her ex-boyfriend Storm are one and the same. Things are going to get awkward now for sure. To make things even more interesting lets not forget that Melanie (the roomate) is in love with the absent brother.

Rafe confides in Dane that he loves Jessica and then tell Melanie he has come for Jessica too. But alas, he is leaving town, going to Chicago on business with Dane.

Dane is giving her space, allowing her to get her thoughts together but nope, Jessica seduces him, she wants him right now. After some bare ass spanking for leading him on they share a hot night of passion, they make love, they make deep and poignant love. They wear their hearts out on their sleeves.She is sure that he feels the same way she does......... right?

Nope. He shoots that down pretty fast, reminds her of who made the original rules to the game, only sex, hot kinky and wild mabe,but only sex.

Oh my goodness, do I want her with Dane, back with Storm? with the new and improved Rafe. I don't know. I love the kinky sex that Dane offers,he really knows how to treat a girl, I mean Rafe/Storm left her with out a second thought, he is scum ... right? But he is back. She is confused. I am confused. I think Opal is the only one that is not confused.She has the masterplan. I must read on to book #5 to get some more answers, as well, I am sure as some more questions.

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