Saturday 27 September 2014



By: Cari Silverwood

   This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review by We Love Kink. This is the fourth story in the Pierced Hearts series. This series has been one of the darkness romance series that I have read and this one stays true to form. It brings out emotions and desires in the reader that we don't even realise that we have.
  Jazmine is being held captive and her only hope of escape is Pieter a good Samaritan guard that has been kind to her. Unfortunately his desire to help her is discovered and now he becomes a prisoner as well. The captor in charge Gregor uses Jazmine and Pieter against one another and soon they enter into a game, a sexual game in order to perform for the mystery man.
   Gregor gets off on pain and forces Pieter to have sex with Jazmin so that he and the mystery man can watch. The only downfall is that is Pieter does not hurt her enough than Gregor will beat her again after the performance. This guy is sadistical, he gets excited by the pain and the more pain the better. Pieter tries to deliver pain and pleasure at the same time, he tries to make sure that she enjoys whatever she can. Gregor keeps demanding he get more and more violent. The scene with the barbed wire will stay with me for awhile.
   Things at this point are looking pretty bad for these two but there is still lots of the story left. The twists and turns just keep coming at you, questions will be asked and answered, more questions will come up and finally all the strings will be tied. Maybe not the way that you are expecting, definitely not the way that I was expecting, and this is what makes a story great, this is what makes you continue to buy stories by your favourite author. The ability they have to surprise you. To constantly deliver endings that are not expected.This author does this. I thought this story was very difficult to read, the poor girl was going through so much and yet I could not put it down, in fact I was eagerly turning the pages. I would rate this story a 5/5.

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