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Excerpts -

Stop!” I scream, my heart racing so fast that I think I might pass out. We come upon each turn at such a high speed that I am sure we will spin out. “You’re going to get us killed!”

Because that’s what I felt when he had you, when I was racing back home to get you back after he told me he took you. That’s what I have felt these couple of weeks when all you do is cry. I know what you’ve been thinking, I’m not a fucking imbecile.” He shifts the gear and the engine purrs, giving the car a boost of power and sending me into further panic.

Taylor. What the fuck are you doing!” I shout.

I want you to wake the fuck up Shyla!” He sharply turns the car into a an open field, and the car’s stiff suspension violently jitters underneath us.

You’re going to break this thing!”

I’m fucking rich, I can buy twenty of these tomorrow! Who gives a shit about a car?”

You’re scaring me. Please stop the car.”

Tell me you’re coming back to me!”


I want you back. I need you back. You need to fight this!” Though he is yelling over the frenetic notes of

electronic music, his eyes are focused on the field in front of him. I glance forward and that’s when I see, out in the distance, a row of fences growing in size with each passing second.

Taylor stop!” I scream at the top of my lungs.

Tell me you’ll fight goddammit! Tell me now!” I glance again, the fences are now so close I can see the detail in the wiring. It’s only a fraction of a second, but I realize I feel so many things all at once. I don’t want to die, I don’t want to have an accident. I want to live, I want to have a life with Taylor. Despite what’s going on inside of me now, there is so much I want to live for and do. “So help me, I won’t fucking stop!”

What do you do when the man who you love more than anyone else in the world terrifies you? This is a question Shyla must confront and it takes her to her breaking point.

The only person who can bring her back is the same person who is capable of destroying her beyond repair.

Shyla has seen a side of Taylor she can never forget. She now understands that not only is he capable of immense tenderness, but ruthless violence. She must decide if she will fully trust Taylor and embrace both his light and darkness, as it is clear both exist equally within him.

Their pasts continue to cast a shadow over their relationship as Shyla attempts to convince Taylor that the only way they can truly embrace the future is to reopen and repair old wounds.

Taylor swears anything he has ever done was to protect Shyla, but Eric's words haunt her and cast doubts on Taylor's intentions.

Taylor will do anything for Shyla.

Now she must decide if that is actually good thing.
This is the third and final chapter to the story of Taylor Holden and Shyla Ball. What a journey this series has been. This author has touched on emotions that I had forgotten that I had. This couple is drawn together in the first story and Shyla leaves her current boyfriend Rick because the attraction is so great. This is what love feels like; Taylor makes her feel alive, sexy and needed. This is what has been missing in her life. They certainly have a roller coaster of a story as many outside forces try to tear them apart.

  Without giving too much away if case you have not started your literary journey with this couple, it turns out that they have a shared childhood that is simply unbelievable and bonds them together like nothing else could possibly. Taylor loves her deeply, totally and desperately and will protect her with his life. At some time during this journey that does happen and the extent of his devotion will be proven. He never wavers in showing just how much he loves her and how important he believes her to be to him.

This series has been the best that I have read in a while, it will keep you entertained, biting your finger nails and clutching the edge of the seat for all three stories. You will love Taylor, hate him and then love him again. You will always love Shyla as she tries to come to terms with the Taylor of now and the one from before and tries to help him with the demons that he still carries around. The sex between the two of them is frequent and has the perfect amount of steam. As outside forces try to come between them, we hope that they love they share will hold true. I believe that the author did a great job of tying up all loose ends and even tied some up that I was not expecting, that this the definition of a great author, to be able to surprise the reader, to make them say ‘ I did not see that coming.” I think that Nina Jones was able to do that a few times during this series. I loved it from the first page of the first story to the last page of the third installment. I would rate this series a 5/5 and would definitely read more by this author.

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