Thursday 16 October 2014

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A Trouble Maker Novel

Book Four

Kelly Gendron

J.T. Renton has a interesting job, one that he does solely because of the joy it brings people. He finds things and returns them to happy owners. This time is quest is to find a person, a girlfriend that is missing. He has been given explicit instructions to keep his hands off of her as she belongs to another. He believes this to be a warning given in vain until he finds her and spends time with her. She is like no one that he has met before and the attraction is instant and intense. He fights it, as he morally should.

Once he finds out that he has “found” the wrong sister and that she does not belong to anyone, well, all bets are off. However, Sloan is running from something in her past and she is not looking for a relationship right now. He will need to break down her walls to discover what she is hiding and who she is hiding from. Things are bound to get a little bit interesting as well as dangerous.

There is also the matter of what J.T. is hiding, the reason that he offer to search for Sloan’s sister in the beginning, his payment of that job was a bracelet which he believes is in Sloan’s possession. When she finds out that he has not told her this she is bound to doubt the feelings that he professes to have for her.

I loved this story. I have read the first three and will definitely continue to read more by this author. She does a great job with character description as they are very easy to identify with. They story line sucks you right in and you are crying along with Sloan and cursing beside J.T. when things get dicey. I loved how there is a great story line as well as some awesome sex scenes. The characters do not just jump into bed at the beginning and the sexual tension between them mounts and mounts. I loved it. I would certainly recommend this story to all romance readers. I would rate it a 5/5.

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