Sunday 21 September 2014

Blog Tour for Pumping Iron


Sean Rourke has been a professional escort for a while working for Bad Boyfriends an agency that specializes in MM and also tends to attract customers that want just a little bit more. His assignment is to go and babysit Mr Lovett Jr for awhile and try to keep him out of trouble.

Mike Douglas is assigned to accompany them as a personal trainer for the weekend. Oh oh, watch out now, some personal sparks are set to fly, and fly they do. There is certain attraction between Sean and Mike and they do not take long to act on it.

Seems Mike loves Sean and wants him to quit his job and just be with him, he even offers him access to a desk job. This is a lot for Sean to take on all at once, he will need some time to process.

In the mean time, their real assignment is not exactly as was portrayed to them. Seems there is some mystery involved. Some shady characters even. Some wrongs need to be set right, some careers need to be changed and some mysteries need to be solved.

This was my first full length MM story and I was pleasantly surprised. I found this story had a great plot and I was easily entertained. There was plenty of romance and plenty of sex and like all good romantic stories the sex scenes did not overpower the basic story line. I think that is so very important. I read a story to be told a STORY not to read page after page of sex. I thought the characters were well rounded out and the secondary characters truly well defined.

I would be interested in reading more by this author and would rate this story a 4/5.

Check out some of the other tour stops as well! It is always interesting to read other peoples reviews and thoughts. Feel free to add your own review as well, authors always appreciate hearing from their readers. It makes their hearts feel all warm and tingly.

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