Sunday 10 August 2014

(Dominant Cord #1)

19098947Sadie Haller

I knew going in that this was going to have some elements of BDSM in it and I was prepared for a story surrounding Clubs and scene plays. This book was certainly anything but that. It was so outside the norm for a BDSM book that it caught me off guard. I had left myself vulnerable and this story was quick to bring emotions to the surface. I was captured from the very first page and captivated until the very last page.

Mac agrees to perform in a quintet as a favor to a friend. Trouble is she has some issues performing and needs to take a prescription anti anxiety to help her deal. Cord is part of this quintet and has lost his wife because of her addiction to drugs and so these two do not see eye to eye at the beginning. The sparks are flying and Mac’s attitude will make you laugh.

When Cord finds out the reason behind the anxiety meds, the Dom in him comes out and tries everything to help her deal. Her fears are very deep and she is unable to be alone in a room with any male except her best friend Sully. This is where the story will grip you. Cord is so very sensitive to her needs and wants. The entire time they are together it is an emotional journey. He uses all his Dom tendencies with the utmost love and tenderness to help her heal and move forward. This is a girl that is afraid to be alone with him at the beginning of the story and he helps her to heal. The submissive in her has been hidden for so long and ignored and slowly he tries to bring it to the surface again. Baby steps. Baby wins towards a much bigger goal.

I did love this story. I did however think that it happened rather quickly but realize that it needed to for the story. I loved how patient he was with her. I loved her quick wit and the ability she had to tell it like it was and to own her fears. Her friend Sully has been her rock for so long and he has done an amazing job.

For those readers that want to read a BDSM story that focuses on healing, tenderness and yes a few Dom/sub scenes than this book is a must read. I would rate it a 5/5 and certainly higher if I was able. I will definitely read more by this author in the future

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